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Andy Weber Studios
Himilayan Art Resources
Snow Lion Publications

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Snow Lion Publications
Wholesale Himalayan Salts
Zambala Gifts

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Buddhism Canada
Buddha Net
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
The Fairhope Tibetan Society
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Goenka's Vipassana Meditation
International Network of Engaged Buddhists
Sravasti Abbey
Tisarana Buddhist Monastery

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Bodhi Magazine
Global Buddhism
Mandala Magazine
Shambala Sun
Tricycle Magazine
Western Buddhist Review

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Online Teachings Page

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Buying books and other products from Snow Lion Publications using Snow Lion links on this site helps to support our Group.=>

the Buddhist Text Translation Society
the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives Books
Shambala Publications
Snow Lion Publications
Tharpa Publications
Wisdom Publications

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Belief Net
Religion Facts

Sangha Online          Top of Page

Karida Buddhist Sangha
Manjushri Online Community

Tibet          Top of Page
Canada Tibet Committee
The Dalai Lama's site
The Gere Foundation
Ottawa Friends of Tibet