Geshe-la & Kslu Rinpoche in Longueuil in the 70's

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Saturday, April 28th, 2012


Ananda, these Sal trees have burst forth into untimely blossoms...Divine music and song sound from the sky in homage to the Tathagata.

Never before has the Tathagata be so honoured, revered, esteemed, worshipped, and adored.

And yet, Ananda, whatever monk, nun, male or female lay-follower dwells practising the Dharma properly, and perfectly fulfills the Dharma-Way, he or she honours the Tathagata, reveres and esteems him and pays him the SUPREME homage.

Therefore, Ananda, "We will dwell practicing the Dharma properly and perfectly fulfil the Dharma-way" - This must be your watch-word.

From the Larger Teaching on the Buddha's Last Days
(Mahaparinibbana sutta)
From the Long Discourses of the Buddha (DighaNikaya)
Maurice Walsche
Wisdom Publications

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