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Regular Teachings Individual Lectures 3 day courses/retreats Semester/10 week sessions

The Direct Road to Awakening.
Step by Step Instructions on The Whole Path to Buddhahood.

Meditation for Calm and Insight.
Teachings on the different types of Buddhist Meditation.

Developing a Daily Practice
Discussion of the things we need and what we need to work on
in order to develop a strong daily practice.

Changing Our Minds.
Teachings on transforming the 5 basic neuroses into the 5 Major Buddha Wisdoms.

Mandalas: Their Structure & Purpose
The basic layout of Mandalas and how they are meant to be used.

Buddhist Tantra for Beginners.
Basic teachings on the Buddhist Tantric Path.

Sutra Studies
Studies and Discussions of the Teachings in the Buddha's own words.

Life Issues
Discussions on Important Life Issues from a Buddhist Perspective

World Issues
Discussions on Important World Issues from a Buddhist Perspective