Table of Contents - The 5 Wisdoms - Peaceful Garden Meditation Group Teachings

Peaceful Garden Meditation Group
Changing Our Minds
The 5 Buddha Wisdoms



Heading SubHeading
The Five Buddha Wisdoms Abbreviated version (10 week course)
The Five Buddha Wisdoms
The Source of the 5 Families Death - Intermediate State & Rebirth
Mindfulness, Detachment & the 5 Buddha Wisdoms
Development of The Five Families
The Vajra Family Introducing the Vajra Family
The Water Element
The Crown Chakra
Our Forms Collection (Skanda)
Vajra Wisdom (Clarity, Intelligence & Organization)
Vajra Neuroses (Anger, Fear & Superiority)
Transmuting Vajra Neuroses - Patience
The Ratna Family Introducing the Ratna Family
The Earth Element
The Stomach Chakra
Our Feelings Collection (Skanda)
Ratna Wisdom (Balance, Equality)
Ratna Neuroses (Attachment, Miserliness, Pride)
Transmuting Ratna Neuroses - Generosity
The Padma Family Introducing the Padma Family
The Fire Element
The Throat Chakra
Our Perceptions Collection (Skanda)
Padma Wisdom (Appreciation, Investigation)
Padma Neuroses (Longing, Obsession, Manipulation)
Transmuting Padma Neuroses - Morality & Compassion
The Karma Family Introducing the Karma Family
The Wind Element
The Secret Chakra
Our Intentions Collection (Skanda)
Karma Wisdom (Skillfulness, Confidence)
Karma Neuroses (Envy, Doubt, restlessness)
Transmuting Karma Neuroses - Perseverance & Enthusiasm
The Buddha Family Introducing the Buddha Family
The Space Element
The Heart Chakra
Our Consciousness Collection (Skanda)
Buddha Wisdom (Awareness, Selflessness, Inclusion)
Buddha Neuroses (Dullness, Introversion, self-centredness)
Transmuting Buddha Neuroses - Concentration & Wisdom
Conclusion Applying the Teachings on the 5 Wisdom Families